All About Eternals, What’s New From Marvel

Do you need to know everything about the new Marvel movie The Eternals? It is normal since many people, even geeks like us, are unfamiliar with these characters or do not even know they are The Eternal. So here we leave you all the information you need before seeing this excellent 2021 movie.

What are Marvel’s Eternals about? What are the Eternals?

Marvel Studios’ Eternals welcomes an exciting new team of superheroes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The epic story, spanning thousands of years, features a group of immortal heroes forced out of the shadows to rally against humanity’s oldest enemy, The Deviants.

When is The Eternals released?

The release date of Marvel Eternals is November 5, 2021.

Details of the movie The Eternals:

  • Release date: November 5, 2021 (Spain)
  • Country of origin: United States
  • English language
  • Also known as Eternos
  • Filming locations: Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire, England, UK.
  • Production Company: Marvel Studios

Everything we know about the Marvel Eternals

We break down the history of the film’s comics, its impressive cast and top-notch crew, and all of its significant implications for the MCU.

Following the events of Avengers: Endgame (2019), an unexpected tragedy forces the Eternals, ancient aliens who have been living on Earth in secret for thousands of years, to come out of the shadows to rally against humanity’s oldest enemy. , the Deviants.

The movie trailer:

Do not miss the trailer for the movie. It amazing:

The premise

Jack Kirby’s The Eternals Issue 1

As one of Kirby’s final projects before him parting ways with Marvel Comics forever, The Eternals continues the themes Kirby worked on during the 1970s in books like DC Comics’ New Gods: The Origins of Myths. And the power of ancient beings. In 1976 in The Eternals # 1, the comic focused on a race of humans designed by Celestial aliens to protect Earth. But, of course, things did not go according to plan, and life on Earth developed along different lines. However, the Eternals stayed to protect the planet from the Deviants, celestial experiments that also did not evolve as expected.

Who are the Eternals, and what are their powers?

The Eternals are very long-lived and have developed many advanced technologies; the main reasons they stay in the shadows, allow humans to solve their problems and focus on more interstellar threats. But this philosophy was not adopted by all members of the race. A civil war broke out that eventually led to the Eternals being able to store cosmic energy in their bodies and use it in various ways. There are also some matters about a faction that founded a colony on Saturn’s moon Titan, but that might not matter to the movie’s story, right?

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These days, most Eternals conduct personal conflicts away from the public eye or act like superheroes to hide their true intent, which makes sense for a group of Marvel characters who rarely enjoy the privilege of their comic. It just so happens that Kirby’s version of the title ended after just two years. The title would return as a planned miniseries or short runs in the 1980s and 2000s. Neil Gaiman wrote one of those miniseries in 2006.

Cover of Eternals by Neil Gaiman (2006)

Although he rarely enjoyed the title role, the Eternals quickly became favourites of the writers and artists who followed Kirby’s wake. Various members of the original cast made their way into books like Thor, and their backstory continued to deepen. The Gaiman miniseries, for example, recast prominent Eternals like Ikaris and Thena (more on them in a moment) as millions of years old instead of the tens of thousands that Kirby’s original suggested. He also introduced the idea that the Eternals suffered from collective amnesia about their origins and lived as conventional humans until circumstances forced them to recall their former lives.

The Eternals already possess their memories and powers in the movie.

And while partial amnesia would explain its absence in recent battles, a teaser released in May suggests that the Eternals will be in full possession of their powers and memories when the story begins. According to Marvel, the film will focus on the Eternals, who have lived on planet Earth in secret for the past 7,000 years, renewing their conflict with the Deviants sometime after the missing human population returned from the Blip. The preview even goes so far as to mention that the Eternals never interfered in human affairs until this new crisis, meaning they actively chose not to be a part of recent events, a choice that they will have to explain.

Meet the Eternals (The Eternals)

Gemma Chan in Eternals

To play these quasi-mythical characters, Marvel put together an incredible roster of actors. Leading the group is Gemma Chan as Sersi. Although she reportedly poses as a museum curator, she is eternal with manipulating matter. In early discussions of the film, Feige said that Sersi is the main character, although it is unclear if this is still the case in the finished film.

Angelina Jolie’s arrival at Marvel

Angelina Jolie also appears as Thena, a warrior who uses her abilities with cosmic energy to craft weapons. For the few glimpses Marvel has offered of the film thus far, we are inclined to believe that it will be in full possession of its memories and talents. If the movie uses Gaiman’s memory loss idea, it may be his job to prepare others for battle against the Deviants. Or, as some reports indicate that she is exiled from the leading group of Eternal, she could serve an antagonistic role.

Richard Madden is Ikaris, a tactical genius and, back in the comics, a frequent guest star in other titles. So although Marvel offers us just 7,000 years of eternal history, we believe it is millions of years old, as Gaiman suggested.

At the very least, we’re hoping for some authentic Kirby weirdness to turn up.

Additionally, Kit Harington plays Dane Whitman, a human male who may or may not become the Black Knight of Marvel Comics throughout the film.

The cast of the Marvel movie Eternals. A great cast.

The cast of the movie Marvel’s Eternals

These are the main actors who play all the roles in the Marvel Eternals movie. As you can see, they did not skimp on expenses or quality when choosing the cast, in which actresses such as Salma Hayek or Angelina Jolie stand out, among others:

Actor actress Character

  1. Angelina Jolie (Thena)
  2. Salma Hayek  (Ajak)
  3. Gemma Chan  (Sersi)
  4. Richard Madden  (Ikaris)
  5. Kit Harington  (Dane Whitman)
  6. Kumail Nanjiani  (Kingo)
  7. Brian Tyree Henry  (Phaistos)
  8. Barry Keoghan  (Druig)
  9. Lauren Ridloff  (Makkari)
  10. Ma Dong-Seok  (Gilgamesh)
  11. Lia McHugh  (Sprite)
  12. Haaz Sleiman 
  13. Brenda Lorena Garcia  (Babylon Villager)
  14. Harish Patel  (Karun)
  15. Lucia Efstathiou  (Student)

List of actors and actresses of the cast of the film The Eternals

On the cinematic side of things, Chloé Zhao is serving as a director. Long before his Oscar-winning film Nomadland became the talk of Hollywood, his acclaimed sophomore film The Rider, its run at Marvel Studios, and its visual aesthetic reportedly wowed Feige. Indeed, the executive became the butt of jokes in recent weeks as he continued to praise Zhao’s use of natural landscapes to create reach and intimacy without green screens or visual effects. But in the few moments, we’ve seen from the movie. Those qualities seem to be on display.

Other people on the team include cinematographer Ben Davis, a five-time Marvel veteran who filmed Guardians of the GalaxyAvengers: Age of UltronDoctor Strange, Captain Marvel before Eternals, and editors Dylan Tichenor ( Zero Dark Thirty. ) and Craig Wood. (both Guardians and Ant-Man and the Wasp movies ). The film’s soundtrack is Ramin Djawadi from Game of Thrones, which seems like a fitting choice, not just because two actors from that series are in the movie. Like thrones, the eternal concept contains a sense of tight-knit cultures, family politics, and a mysterious enemy on the horizon.

The Eternals’ implications with other MCU movies

As names like “Ikaris,” “Gilgamesh,” and “Sersi” imply, the notion that the Eternals have been on Earth all along will have far-reaching effects on the MCU. If the movie’s resolution means that they have to be revealed to the superhero community, then there is an expectation that they will be available in the future. It’s also easy to imagine that resentment could arise from your unwillingness to help during the Battle of New York or the invasion of Wakanda. Well, they provided, of course, that they haven’t been erased from the mind in the last century.

It is also possible that Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) knew them and specifically chose not to approach them; perhaps he and Phaistos had understood each other.

Also, looking back at allusions to Mesopotamian and Greek mythology, establishing a superpower presence in ancient times opens up other scenarios for future films, namely the past beyond WWII. Imagine a western set in the MCU or something closer to a fantasy epic. The Eternals fight Apocalypse during his time as pharaoh in Egypt; a very similar story already exists in the annals of Marvel Comics history. Of course, Marvel Studios prefers its films to be contemporary, but the long life of these characters offers new possibilities.

Of course, this is all mere speculation. Eternals’ first job is to turn Sersi and the rest into profitable characters, like Groot and Rocket before them. And while we’re not sure any of them will turn out to be the crushing business icons those characters became, we hope that at least one Eternal will be a welcome sight the next time the Avengers plan a pancake breakfast or defence of the war. Planet.

Powers and abilities of the Eternals

Cosmic energy can be channelled for several superhuman abilities. For example, all Eternals are capable of:

  • Superhuman strength. The limits of your power can be increased due to years of focusing some of your energy toward that purpose.
  • Projecting explosions of shock, heat, and blinding flashes of power from your eyes and hands
  • Flying (and levitating others)
  • Read/control minds
  • Generating illusions
  • Teleporting great distances, though most Eternals prefer not to use this ability as many find it uncomfortable (and according to the 2006 series, it also dramatically depletes their reserve of cosmic energy)
  • Transmute objects, altering both their shape and composition. (The scope of this ability can vary from one Eternal to another).
  • Force field generation that provides invulnerability to damage.
  • Furthermore, groups of Eternals, only three at a time, [51] can initiate a transformation into a Gestalt called the Uni-Mind. This enormously powerful psionic entity contains the totality of the powers and abilities of all beings. That composes.
  • Some Eternals choose to focus on a particular emphasis to increase their effectiveness with it. Sersi, for example, has developed the power of transmutation more than any other Eternal. Additionally, some Eternals choose to focus their cosmic energies on different non-standard abilities. Ikaris, for example, channels cosmic energy to greatly enhance his senses, while the intruder uses his to generate fear in others, and Makkari uses his cosmic powers to increase speed.


The Eternals are divided into five different generational groups:

  • Eternal first generation ( those born before the fall of Titanos ): Arlok, Astron, Daina, Kronos / Chronos / Chronus, Master Elo, Oceanus, Shastra, Thyroid, Uranos.
  • Eternal Second Generation (those alive at the time of Chronus’ experiment  ): Mentor (A’lars), Amaa, Cybele, Forgotten One / Gilgamesh, Helios, Perse, Rakar, Tulayn, Valkin, Virako, Zuras.
  • Third Eternal Generation ( those born after Chronos’s experiment but before the Second Host ): Aginar, Ajak, Arex, Alto, Domo, Ikaris, Interloper, Mara, Phaistos, Sigmar, Thanos, Thena, Veron, Zarin, Eros
  • Eternal Fourth Generation ( those born after the arrival of the Second Host, 20,000 years ago ): Argos, Coyote, Chi Demon, the Delphan brothers, Drug, Khoryphos, Makkari, Psykos, Sersi, Kingo Sunen, The Vampire.
  • Fifth Eternal Generation ( those born after the arrival of the Third Host, 3,000 years ago ): Aurelle, Sprite, Titanis.

Have the Eternals met The Avengers?

We can’t discuss upcoming MCU projects without examining the Avengers’ relationship with the Eternals. There have been comic book encounters between them, which occur when supergroups forge alliances to save Earth from cosmic threats. In addition, superheroes have come together to fire the Deviants and the Deviant-Inhuman hybrid named Maelstrom at various points.

Connection of the Eternals with the Avengers (Avengers)

We have already mentioned Thor’s history with the Eternals, but he has also fought alongside Thena, Makkari, and the West Coast Avengers against Ghaur since the Eternals saga. In addition, iron Man, Ant-Man, Wasp, and Doctor Strange have also encountered the Eternals. All except Sorcerer Supreme appeared in the Gaiman limited series. At the same time, Tony Stark and Doctor Strange sought answers from the Eternals about the Dark Celestials during the Final Host comic book saga.

There have been times when the Eternals have also joined the ranks of the Avengers. In the mid-1980s, The Forgotten One teamed up with Earth’s mightiest heroes for a spell and changed their name to Gilgamesh. Sersi also enjoyed a brief stint in the 1990s, but both departed due to physical and mental injuries sustained in battles against the Lava Men and the Watcher known as Proctor.

Have The Eternals appeared in the MCU before?

The Eternals haven’t physically appeared in the MCU, but Marvel has been hinting at their arrival for some time. The Celestials were mentioned in Guardians of the Galaxy when the Collector told Star-Lord and the gang about creating the Infinity Stones. You can see a Celestial, known as Eson the Seeker, wielding the Power Stone during this sequence, while one of the film’s locations, Knowhere, is found within the severed head of a long-deceased Celestial.

Thanos is the other primary link to the Eternals we’ve seen in the MCU. Considering The Mad Titan’s Deviant genes and his successful quest to wipe out half the universe in Avengers: Infinity War, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see The Eternals movie tie into the MCU Phase 3 movies and the fallout from Thanos’ master plan.

How will The Eternals fit into the MCU?

Marvel might have some explaining to do if the Eternals have been around in the MCU since its inception. For example, where were they during the Battle for New York? Or when Ultron nearly rid the Earth of humans? Or when Thanos successfully wiped out half the universe?

This is where Gaiman’s limited series could provide the answers. If Sprite erased the memories of the Eternals before Iron Man, they would have no idea that they are an ethereal race with superpowers. As such, they would not have been able to step in and help the Avengers.

With Thanos finally defeated in Avengers: Endgame, his appearances on Earth could awaken latent memories within Eternals like Ikaris and Ajak. This would bridge the gap between Endgame and their appearance in the MCU and provide a credible reason for movie fans as to why they haven’t appeared so far. If Marvel followed this story, they might as well introduce parts of the Eternals backstory into flackbacks. These could include its creation by the Celestials or how the Eternals made their home on Earth.

What are the members of Eternos?

Members of the Eternals, all characters.


  • Ikaris – An Eternal Polar, son of Virago, and Tulayn, father of Icarus. Ikari’s birth name was Daedalus; he adopted the name “Ikaris” after his son, the Icarus of legend, was killed. He became Prime Eternal after challenging Thena. Under the alias “Sovereign,” he introduced the Eternals to the world as a team of superheroes called “New Breed.”
  • Ajak – Eternal Polar born to Rakar and Amaa, Arex’s brother. With Arex, they were known in Greece as Ajax the Greater and Ajax the Lesser. He disintegrated after discovering that he had killed many human twins in Eternals: The Herod Factor while searching for Donald and Deborah Ritter.
  • Sersi – Manipulates molecules and atoms. Daughter of Helios and Perse. Sersi is the only Eternal who is a fifth-level expert in the manipulation of matter. She became famous in Greek mythology through her encounter with Ulysses. Sersi prefers to live among humans and likes to party. She became an Avenger after Captain America asked her to transmute him to go undercover as a teenager. He went into exile but has since returned. He had romantic relationships with Makkari and the Avenging Black Knight.
  • Dome – former chief technologist at the Temple of Command at Olympia. Domo was highly dedicated to his job, which involved monitoring all of Olympia’s advanced systems. He was responsible for contacting the Eternals of Earth when it came time to form the One-Mind. Domo was among the Eternals who left Earth in the form of the Uni-Mind.
  • Makkari – Superhumanly fast, son of Verona and Mara. Quick and impatient, many Eternals don’t take him seriously. In the 1940s, Makkari was the superheroes “Hurricane” and “Mercury.” Later, he founded the Monster Hunters to fight Kro and joined the Frontline as “Major Mercury.” In the 2006 series Eternals, he becomes the emissary of Heavenly Dreaming.
  • Thena – Daughter of Zuras and Cybele. It was initially called Azura, but Zuras changed it to seal the link with the Olympian gods. Often mistaken for Athena, Athens was built for her. He had twin sons on an affair with Kro and hid them but became re-involved with his sons after Dr Daniel Damian tried to kill them. Briefly, she was the queen of the Eternals. She has sought refuge with Heroes for Hire and High Evolutionary. He also has a fully human son named Joey Eliot.
  • Zuras – He has developed his ability to project cosmic energy in various forms (heat, electricity, etc.) further than any other eternal. He is the son of Kronos, brother of A’Lars, father of Thena, and husband of Cybele. Zuras was the first Eternal to form the Uni-Mind and was chosen to lead after the death of Kronos. He was often mistaken for Zeus, so he made a pact with the Greek gods. He was physically killed when the Celestials defeated the Uni-Mind, but he continued to exist in spirit form. Zuras eventually (and “completely”) died while freeing Thena from a Brain-Mine. However, his spirit still seems to exist, as he occasionally appears at Olympia. In the 2006 series, he is resurrected.
  • Sprite – Has the appearance of a child. Expert in manipulating matter, with a particular focus on self-transformation. Sprite was left behind when Zuras asked Uni-Mind to examine the Mothership of the Celestials. He is a television star on the 2006 series Eternals. Zuras kill him in the final issue.
  • Aginar – A Polar Eternal who disguised himself as Valkin’s aide in the guise of General Vulcanin of the Soviet Armed Forces. He doesn’t care much about his eternal Olympian “cousins.” He was chosen to form the Uni-Mind, which has left Earth to seek a higher meaning for its race.
  • Delphan Brothers – Team of Olympia boxers who enjoy getting into fights. They have little love for the Polar Eternals and once started a war with them before the Ritual of the Uni-Mind. When Sersi refused to respond to a summons to Olympia, Domo sent the Delphan brothers to New York to force her to return. He temporarily turned them into armadillos for that.
  • Druig – Son of Valkin, cousin of Ikaris, sometimes known as “Druig of Nightmares.” He died in a battle with Ikaris in the city of Polar Eternals but was resurrected. Druig served as a KGB agent in Russia in modern times, enjoying the opportunity to inflict pain. Currently, he is the ruler of Vorozheika, a fictional ex-Soviet country.
  • Master Elo – Inhabits the Himalayas. Master Elo was the Eternal who showed Makkari how to channel his powers to increase speed.
  • Kingo Sunen – He is a samurai, master swordsman, movie star, and producer.
  • Valkin – Polar Eternal, father of Druig, brother of Virako, uncle of Ikaris. Valkin is known to some as the “Father of All” and served as the leader of the Polar Eternals. When Virako was killed, Valkin adopted Ikaris as his son. In the 20th century, Valkin assumed the alias “Colonel Vulcanin” in the Soviet Army. Following the death of Zuras, many Eternals turned to Valkin as their leader, despite Thena being next in line. This leadership problem was solved when Valkin decided to take most of Earth’s Eternals into space as a One-Mind.
  • Zarin – Eternal Polar who served as Valkin’s assistant in his appearance as “Colonel Vulcanin.” Zarin also served as Valkin’s pilot. He was among the Eternals who went into space in the One-Mind.
  • Uni-Mind – A Gestalt entity born from the collective energy of the participants in the Uni-Mind Ritual. Eternal, human, deviant, and brother have been part of Uni-Minds. Zuras was the first Eternal to form a Uni-Mind and used it to determine who should become ‘Prime Eternal.’ Since then, only the Eternal Primary has the power to initiate a One-Mind. After the death of Zuras, a Uni-Mind was formed and left Earth. It contained most of the Eternals’ population and still exists, though Ajak, and possibly others, have abandoned it.
  • The Forgotten One– He has developed his superhuman strength and durability to a degree far greater than the norm for Eternals. He later joined the Avengers superhero team. His real name is unknown. Over the centuries, he has been confused with Samson, Beowulf, Gilgamesh, Hercules, and Atlas also learned rope from Buffalo Bill Cody, fought alongside Achilles in the Trojan War, and fought with King David in Judah assisted Aeneas on his travels after the Trojan War. And He was also responsible for cleaning Augean’s stables instead of Hercules. He befriended the Busy, but otherwise, he has lived mainly in the solitude of the Eternals. Captured by claiming to be Kang and forced to train his Anacronauts, then rapidly aged after escaping. “Kang” / Immortus then sent an Anacronaut named Neut to kill him at the Avengers Mansion. In the 2009 series, he lives as a circus strongman manipulated by Druig to attack other Eternals.
  • Sigmar – Eternal Polar with the appearance of an older man. He had at least two laboratories on Earth, one in Polaria and one deep in New York City. He created the molecular assembler, the dimensional cloud, and the nervous beast. Sigmar was one of the Eternals who left Earth in the form of the Uni-Mind, with Phaistos guarding his laboratories instead.
  • Khoryphos – Eternal who has been mistaken for Orpheus and Horus. He is a musician whose current composition began during the reign of Emperor Tiberius. He met a deviant woman, Yrdisis, with whom he fell in love. You can use your mandolin to control other people’s thoughts subtly.
  • Cybele – Mother of Thena and wife of Zuras. Cybele usually lives in an isolated forest in Colorado and does not usually participate in the affairs of her people, even though she was technically their queen while Zuras was alive. They have mistaken her for Gaea, Dyndymae, Rhea, and Agdistis. He aided the Eternals in a battle against Ghaur when he gained the power of the Celestial Dream.
  • Phastos – Eternal who was often confused with the GreeSunnen’sephaestus. He built most of the Eternals’ gadgUsuallyluding Kingo Sunen’s sword and the flight harness. He by Icarus. Normally, he lives and works in the Ruhr Valley of Germany, He helped revive Virako and served as a member of the “New Breed” as “Ceasefire.” He was awakened by Ikaris when the Eternals lost their memories. He later aided Thor in the battle against the Deviants and decided to stay in Lemuria to help the Deviants with their loss of fertilitycanabout things than people. The hammer that Phastos carries has the power to manipulate machinery so that the Eternals’ matter-control capabilities cannot.
  • The Vampire – Eternal disguises himself as a vampire in his role as a fighter in Los Angeles. He has a human wife named Maria. He was prevented from answering the call to the Uni-Mind during the Fourth Hostess when the Red Bull Deviant assaulted him and seriously injured him.
  • Interloper – Eternal Polar, who usually lives secluded in a cabin in Siberia. The only Eternal companion with whom the Busyman has befriended is the Forgotten One, who has also lived a life consisting primarily of loneliness. Interloper died in the battle against the Moon Dragon, transferring his life energy, forming the “Dragon CirclSunnen’s some of the Defenders who were fighting with him (Valkyrie, Andromeda and the team’s former enemy, Homicide), in an explosion. Of power that dest Dragon. The member was later resurrected by possessing student Will Fanshaw and transformed into a replica of his form.
  • Virako – Father of Ikaris, brother of Valkin, husband of Tulayn. Virako is a Polar Eternal who participated in the missionary work of his people to the cultures of America. The Aztecs confused it with Quetzalcoatl and the Incas with Viracocha. He became good friends with the Asgardian Thor but was killed in a battle with the Deviants. He was later resurrected but did not like the changes in the culture of the Eternals.
  • Arlok – Eternal’s chief engineer dissected by the Kree. The knowledge Kree learned from analyzing Arlok was fundamental to the creation of the Inhumans.
  • Pixie – Member of First Line. She uses her powers to turn people to stone while disguising it as an effect of her “goblin dust.”
  • Titanis – She is a gladiator.
  • Kronos (formerly Chronos) – First Eternal Generation who led the rebellion against his brother Uranos. He broke his sword to mark the new era of peace for the Eternals. With his wife Daina, he had two children, Zuras and A’Lars. One day, while experimenting in his laboratory, he was atomized by an explosion of cosmic energy. It continues to exist as a cosmic being, one of the incarnations of time.


  • Uranos – Brutal Eternal who brought war to Titanos, until Oceanus and Kronos, his brother, defeated him. He was exiled into space with 24 of his followers, who eventually reached Uranus, establishing an outpost. They then moved to Titan after the Kree damaged their ship. This character died on Titan when his people went to war incited by the Moon Dragon, but his cruelty endures through his great-nephew Thanos through his attempts to assassinate everyone.
  • Shastra.
  • Thyrio.
  • Astron – One of the followers of Uranus and leader of the Uranus Eternals. He was killed when Deathurge destroyed the dome that protected them.


  • Sui-San – Descendant of the followers of Uranos on Titan. She was the sole survivor of the war on Titan’s surface. She was found by A’lars, who, with her, founded the new Titan Eternals. Sui-San’s children included Eros and Thanos. Thanos killed her during his attack on Titan when he dissected her with a medical kit, hoping to discover why she was different from other children.
  • Mentor (A’lars) – Assumed the position of head of the Titan Eternals. Son of Kronos, brother of Zuras, father of Eros and Thanos.
  • Thanos – Son of Mentor and Sui-San, brother of Eros. He is an Eternal Mutant with purple skin and a ridged chin and more potent than a typical Titan Eternal, including energy blasts, psionic abilities, and teleportation. He raised the girl Gamora and trained her to become the ultimate assassin.
  • Starfox (Eros) – Titanian Eternal, son of Mentor and Sui-San and younger brother of Thanos. He became known on Earth as a hero. Former member of the Avengers, under the alias “Starfox.” Has the power to control the emotions of others.
  • Demeityr.


There are also Eternals based on other alien species in the Marvel Universe:

  • Ultimus, an Eternal Kree
  • Kly’bn, the last surviving Eternal Skrull, became a true God of the Skrull race, symbolizing their proper forms.
  • Supermind , the serene mind of the Eternals of Eyung
  • The ancient Eternals of Gigantus were the mortal enemies of the Eternals of Eyung. All the Eternals of Gigantus have passed away. They had put their minds on a gestalt being in the same way that the Eternals of Eyung did with the Overmind. The Stranger accidentally killed this creature. The Stranger then claimed to be the composite Gigantian Eternal during an Overmind encounter.

Curiosities of the Eternals

  • The cast and crew were evacuated from the Canarias set in November 2019 due to discovering a still-active bomb from a Nazi base near the set. Angelina Jolie and Richard Madden were present on stage and were eventually evacuated.
  • Kevin Feige described the film as a story of “ancient aliens”: “All these myths and legends that we have known since ancient times, were they inspired by the Eternals?”
  • Speaking to Variety, Salma Hayek revealed that Eternals is filmed entirely differently than all other Marvel movies, adding that director Chloe Zhao was able to film on location for much of the film rather than using a soundstage with backgrounds. Computer-generated: DNA different from the [other Marvel movies].
  • The first Marvel Cinematic Universe film in which Stan Lee does not serve as an executive producer.
  • Makkari, who Lauren Ridloff will play, will be the first deaf superhero in the film.
  • It is the 26th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • Kumail Nanjiani followed a strict low-carb diet and exercise routine working with Grant Roberts, a trainer, and former Mr Canada. Nanjiani worked out five days a week for three months straight at Granite Gym in Beverly Hills. His goal was to gain 20 pounds of muscle, using wires for electronic stimulation that would help target the muscles.
  • Angelina Jolie signed up to play Thena out of her desire to support Chloé Zhao’s vision and Marvel Studios’ commitment to expanding the way audiences view superheroes today.
  • In the comics, Ajak, Makkari, and Sprite are men; in the movie, they are women.
  • It takes place after the events of Avengers: Endgame (2019).
  • This is the second time that Richard Madden and Kit Harrington have acted together after the Game of Thrones series.

Curiosities and information about Los Eternos

This movie was delayed for a year due to the pandemic.

Like Black Widow before it, Eternals was planned for a 2020 release, on November 6, 2020, to be exact, but it did experience some of the sliding schedule issues faced by both Black Widow and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten. Rings when the pandemic was significantly altered. Theatrical exhibition. At the moment, Eternals will be released on November 5, almost exactly one year after its original date.