Cow Leather Vs Sheep Leather | 5 Main Reasons What to Choose in 2021

Cow Leather Vs Sheep Leather | 5 Main Reasons What to Choose 2021

Cow Leather Vs Sheep Leather

These cow leather Vs sheep leather are two of the most prominent and two of the most commonly used for making outerwear. In addition, they are one of the most durable types of leather used to wear as a coat and for motorcycle gear like jackets and boots.

The main difference between cow leather and sheep leather is thickness. It is stiffer than cow leather than sheep leather. Some things should be clear and concise. Most people think that since the cow is a strong animal, its skin is much more durable and much stronger than sheepskin, which is not true when it comes to leather. These skins can be easily differentiated for the following reasons:

  1. Comfort
  2. Durable
  3. Maintenance
  4. Environmental impact
  5. Softness


Cow Leather Vs Sheep Leather

Sheepskin is softer and more comfortable than cow leather jacket. Apart from that, it becomes softer, smoother, and silky with time. On the other hand, cowhide can be tough and stiff if used too often or not worn correctly, mainly due to its rigorous and rough nature, which could be a good choice for its wearers. Due to this toughness and rigid nature, people often prefer cowhide due to its longevity.


Cowhide is undoubtedly much more durable than its sheep counterpart due to its rough and tough nature and is preferred by motorsport athletes such as professional MotoGP. On the other hand, sheepskin is subject to wear and tear and is more vulnerable than other leathers. This is why people prefer cowhide. It mainly depends on the thickness of the jacket. A quality leather jacket made from cow or sheep leather can level of thickness.


Cowhide is much more resistant to dirt and moisture than sheepskin. Sheepskin is a fire-resistant material and is an insulator.

Jackets made from skins, especially cowhide jackets, are of high quality and generally quite resistant to wear and tear. 

But preventive care must be applied to ensure that it is long-lasting and does not lose its quality.

Environmental impact

The hide is a product with some environmental impact, especially for the following reasons:

  • The impact of livestock
  • Air pollution from the transformation process
  • Use of chemical products in the tanning process.


Some say that cowhide leather jacket is softer than sheepskin, and some say that sheepskin is softer than cowhide. But the fact of the matter is that there is very little difference in softness and smoothness.