How To Buy Your First Leather Jacket?

How To Buy Your First Leather Jacket?

It’s your year, you are going to find your perfect. The one that will be adapted as much to your morphology as to your style. Your future jacket will be made of a genuine leather because you want it to have a bright future!


Remember, there are some essential characteristics when choosing your leather jacket. If this year you decide to wear the rock look with pride, you need to know the basics.

  • What are the essentials of the perfect jacket?
  • Which colors to choose from?
  • Which leather to choose from?

The jacket is one of the most famous leather garments. Its cut goes through the years with the same success. If you choose a perfect jacket, it must meet several criteria:

  • Slim fit.
  • Snap buttons (on the collar).
  • Short cut.
  • One Chest pocket.
  • Asymmetrical closure.
  • Zipped pockets.
  • Large collar.
  • Leather belt at the waist.
  • Shoulder pads (for a V-shaped silhouette).
  • Closure at the bottom of the sleeves.

This is what makes a leather jacket. Worn open, its asymmetrical shape gives you a biker and sexy style.

Black Leather Jacket Main Feature:

The fitted jacket, closed to below the chest, will support your bust like a corset. The cropped cut will also allow you to proudly wear your favorite pants. The pocket closures will give it a rock style.

Choose a belted model if you want to highlight your slim waist. The closure at the bottom of the sleeves: open them and roll up the sleeves, it’s casual and above all ultra-stylish. These features should be in mind when you buy your first leather jacket

Fashion advice: take your size. Too big, it will widen your shoulders, and too small, you can quickly look like a small sausage.

Pure Leather’s Jackets


The choice of leather will be made according to your taste and your budget. However, the key is to ban the imitation of leather jackets, the imitation will age badly in addition to being uncomfortable. If you invest in a leather jacket, you have to do it for good. You will have the choice:

The leather will also determine the thickness of the jacket. If you are looking for a mid-season jacket, the suede jacket will be perfect, considering that it is a light jacket. If you are looking for a jacket for the winter, a “perf” in shearling will be warm and cozy.

Fashion advice: avoid the sleeveless jacket for a first investment.

Leather Jacket Multicolor

For the first investment, we advise a black leather jacket. It is a sure bet. Once you’ve adopted the black jacket, you’ll have plenty of time to choose fancy and color. Leather dyeing is of very good quality today, and there are a lot of them:

  • Red leather.
  • Burgundy leather.
  • Brown leather.
  • Blue leather.
  • Pink leather.
  • Beige leather.
  • White leather.
  • Khaki green leather.

Leather Jacket Multicolor

The perfect leather jacket and a mixture of colors allow you to create beautiful and original associations. Nevertheless, the timeless biker jacket remains in black. The black leather jacket will have a better future, be less messy than white or pale pink, and be less biased than red. Black will let your personality speak for itself.

Fashion tip: the black jacket is also the easiest to match!

How To Wear Your Leather Jacket?

Much easier to match than a brown leather jacket or a denim jacket, the black leather jacket can be both your new tailored jacket and your everyday jacket. You can wear them with slim jeans and a white T-shirt for a casual look without falling into grunge.

Leather & Sneakers

The short leather jacket can be worn with both high and low waist pants. Every day, wrap a large shawl or scarf around your neck. The voluminous side with the fitted jacket is always successful.

We avoid the total black look! If you take out the little black dress with the black biker jacket, combine a handbag, a headband, jewelry, or makeup, but in color.

Fashion tip: color should be a subtle touch to break up the black. We don’t dress up as a harlequin.

The perfect leather jacket over your cocktail dress, heeled shoes and you will be the fashionista of tomorrow.

It’s up to you to adopt the leather and make it your jacket! The black leather jacket is a must-have in every piece of clothing. To try it is to adopt it!

Fashion tip: leather for women can be sexy, but between sexy and provocative, the line is very fine.

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  • jacket + boots, it’s possible!


The perfect leather jacket and a mixture of colors allow you to create beautiful and original associations. Nevertheless, the timeless leather jacket remains in black. It’s up to you to adopt the leather and make it your jacket!  These all things may help you in buying a leather jacket.


How do you buy a perfect leather jacket?
There are many best leather jacket manufacturers in the market but if you want some suggestions while you are going to buy a leather jacket for your small brother then some basic things you need to keep in your mind. You should do lots of research about all the types of leather then take a look at your budget because premium leathers are not cheap.
Should your size up or down in leather jackets?

Leather jackets are such a boon for Fashionistas. I bet we all own that one leather jacket in our closet once in our lifetime 😊. The issue with leather jackets is that people purchase them off the shelf but fast-fashion leather jackets are boxy. The leather jacket needs to be wide at the shoulders and narrow down at the waist.

How much should I pay for a leather jacket?

Sometimes you just want to go into a store and get EXACTLY what you need. If we talk about new leather jackets, I recommend at least budgeting at least $250. To be safe I usually tell my customers to set aside $1,000 for a good leather jacket. Real Leather doesn’t cost much. For example, if you buy real leather jackets for $400, but you will use them for the next 10 years, it means that it costs you only.

Is a leather jacket a good investment?

Leather jackets are a good investment because they are classic, timeless pieces that can be worn with anything, anytime, and during any time/event. They look good, and they last for a very long period. A real leather jacket can cost you an outstanding amount of money, but any man with one can tell you that it’s a wealthy investor.