How to Clean a Sheepskin Rug

How to Clean a Sheepskin Rug

How to Clean a Sheepskin Rug

A sheepskin rug was previously used for a long time in cold weather to combat the cold weather. Wool rugs can come in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes, adding luxury to guest’s homes and premium hospitality settings.

Sheepskin rug is one of the most stylish options for flooring decor. So it’s not surprising that many people want to know how they can ensure that their wool rug is in perfect condition.

There’s a beautiful sheepskin rug in the living space. Perhaps you’ve decorated the room with this beautiful sheepskin rug too. Unfortunately, due to dust from walking and other dirt, the sheepskin rug has been quite dirty.

What can you do about cleaning it? How to Clean a Sheepskin Rug?

Clean a Sheepskin Rug Through Hand Wash

Clean a Sheepskin Rug Through Hand Wash

The most popular method is to wash the rug by hand. It is a gentler method and helps protect the sheepskin’s wool for a longer time. After thoroughly brushing the rug to loosen the fibers, make sure to fill the bath or large deep container with cold water and add sheep wool shampoo into the water.

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After that, gently move the rug around in the water to release any dirt accumulated in the fibers. Do not rub or scrub the rug since this could harm the felt-like surface. If the water begins to darken to the touch, then it’s time to drain it and fill the tub with water to wash the sheepskin. Repeat the procedure as many times as you need until the water is clean.

The next step is squeezing. Again, it is essential to squeeze the most water from the rug that you are able before moving it into a dry container. Keep in mind that when the rug has become wet, the weight of the rug will increase, and you need an appropriate container in your possession to carry the sheepskin from the bathroom.

Because direct sunlight can damage the sheepskin, it’s advised to dry it using the aid of a hairdryer. Drying will take time unless you place the rug covered in warm towels throughout the day.

Clean a Sheepskin Rug Through Vacuum

Sheepskin Rug Through Vacuum

Maybe your rug’s not stained, but it’s simply dirty. There are crumbs or challenging, loose clumps of dirt between wool fibers; however, you’re unsure what to do about cleaning it. If you attempt to clean it with your fingers, you’re afraid you’ll smudge the mess more.

You’ve been thinking about trying your vacuum cleaner to do the task, but there are some concerns. While it is essential to be careful, you can rely on all vacuums to take care of the basics of suction of the sheepskin rug. But, your vacuum must come with an attachment that isn’t able to spin or move. If the attachment spins or moves, you should remove the attachment and clean it with your suction head.

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The Wool wire brush provides a great option to get rid of particles of dirt that have hardened and are also. Rake it along with the entire length of the rug until you’ve dredged and cleaned up the mess.

Cleaning In Sheepskin Rug

In case of small spills for small spills, use paper towels and the help of a spatula or knife to clean up the liquid.

For oily stains, however, apply cornstarch over the affected area to absorb oil. The cornstarch should remain in that area a few hours before vacuuming or brushing and repeating if needed.

To remove food or mud stains:

  1. Mix warm water with wool solutions and then put a clean, dry cloth into the solution before wiping the affected area.
  2. Make sure not to soak the area.
  3. After the stain has been removed, take a clean, dry cloth and wet it using plain water.

The final step is to dry the fibers before brushing them.

Suppose your sheep’s skin doesn’t smell fresh after cleaning it, and you want to add baking soda. First, make sure that baking soda is incorporated into the wool fibers and sit for two hours or a night. The next day, you can vacuum or rub the rug with a hammer to eliminate the baking soda.

Clean a Sheepskin Rug Through Washing Machine

Clean a Sheepskin Rug Through Washing Machine

Washing sheepskin through a washing machine rug is always risky because the skin may turn out stiff. Once it happens, there’s nothing that you could do to make it as soft as it was before, so you’ll have to be prepared for the possibility of placing the sheepskin in the machine to wash.

Also, washing a wool rug is only advisable when you’re looking to give your rug a fresh look and is free of staining; since sheepskin can be cleaned only in the coldest water (warm water could harm the backing of skin). Also, washing it with a machine will not rid the rug of stains. Therefore, only wash it if your rug is stain-free, but it could use freshening.

Select the woolens spin cycle on your machine, and add only one teaspoon of non-bio detergent and wool shampoo. Select the slowest spin your washing machine can make to stop wrinkling and damage. Dry the sheepskin flat and out of the direct light. Never tumble dry sheepskin.

Based on the dimensions and type of the sheepskin rug you have, they may be machine washed. If you choose to use a machine to clean the rug, make sure that you select the setting Cool Wool and use a non-enzyme-based shampoo. The sheepskin shampoo must be specifically designed to be used with products made from sheepskin. Then, you can brush the rug by using a gentle brush. Finally, the rug can get professionally clean or taken to dry cleaners, if needed.

Clean a Sheepskin Rug Through Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning should be considered a last resort since the process is costly and requires experts who are adept at cleaning sheepskin. If you are looking for the best dry cleaner, select one that offers specialized sheepskin, suede, and leather dry cleaning services since they don’t employ harsh chemicals that can harm your rug.


It doesn’t matter if you’re using a sheepskin rug in an ornament for your home or to serve as a prop. Eventually, it’ll need cleaning. Cleaning this kind of rug requires special attention, and these techniques apply to both real and faux sheepskin rugs. Unfortunately, these beautiful rugs are too tricky to clean thoroughly without harming the skin backing since cleaning a sheepskin rug is like cleaning wool and leather in the same way, both of which are difficult materials to clean by themselves.

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