How To Make Your Leather Jacket Last Longer

How To Make Your Leather Jacket Last Longer

Nowadays among the latest and intriguing fashion trends is leather jackets!
A wide range of clothing options for both women and men today Leather jackets are a long-term investment. They can show off your attractive and charming personality.
Leather jackets, while sometimes thought of as a symbol of luxury, are actually a popular choice for many today. They first came into fashion in World War II for military pilots. The durable leather jackets were developed to provide comfort for pilots who flew at higher altitudes.

How To Make Your Leather Jacket Last Longer?

As with all other products leather jackets require some maintenance and care to last longer.
It’s true that you’re paying a lot for them, and a little attention and affection can make your investment worthwhile! While it’s generally thought that the life span of a leather jacket is three decades, what do leather jackets actually last? Here are some tips that will extend the life of your leather jackets more than you imagine.

Avoid Washing Machine

Leather jackets are susceptible to water. Additionally, washing them in a washer can be damaging to the fabric and cause damage to its outer coating. Incubating in water can make the fabric more rigid and harm the fabric. Additionally, placing it in the washer can decrease the general quality and durability of the fabric.

Don’t Leave Your Jacket Wet

Make sure not to let your leather jacket get damp. If it does end up getting wet, don’t put a dryer on it. Instead, hang it on hangers and allow it to dry, but not in direct sunlight.
Water damage to leather may alter the fabric. The longer a jacket remains wet, the more damage it will do to it. Therefore, you should always employ a tissue or cloth to remove all the water from the jacket, and then dry it back dry.

Make Use Of Leather Conditioners

How long will an authentic garment made of leather last? The life expectancy of the leather jacket is typically 30 years. But using a top-quality conditioner, you can preserve its shine, and give it an even, smooth surface every occasion you clean it!

Cleansing and polishing leather jackets using conditioner can maintain the look of genuine leather and will help it last longer than the average lifespan. A good conditioner will ensure that the leather remains soft and smooth with the original shine that you saw the moment you purchased it.

Begin by using either a cloth or a sponge to remove any dirt that has accumulated on the leather. Then, apply a conditioner to replenish the moisture. To get the best results, read this detailed article on Homemade Leather Jacket Conditioner.

Keep Away From The Heat

Make sure your jacket is kept away from temperatures that are extremely high. The leather itself is susceptible to extreme heat. So that exposing an item of leather to excessive heat may alter the texture of the fabric. This means that the garment will fade in its original sparkle and beauty of the fabric.
Be sure that when hanging your jacket up to dry, you don’t place it directly in the sunlight. Do not use irons to iron the jacket. The heat from heating equipment can cause damage to the exterior layer.

Always Use A Brush

Each time you step out in your jacket, there’s a high chance that it’ll be covered in dust. Therefore instead of washing your jacket each time you leave, make use of a brush to remove dust particles that have accumulated on the jacket.
The washing of your jacket could affect the quality of your leather. There are a variety of brushes designed specifically for leather jackets. They will easily glide over the leather and take away the dust particles that have accumulated on it. The leather will look just as good as a new one!

Use Newspaper Balls

Newspaper balls can be very beneficial in keeping the jacket’s shine for a longer time. Newspaper balls can be stuffed into the jacket. This can stop it from growing flora as well as mildew that can grow on it.
The newspaper balls absorb excess moisture in the leather and stop unintentional spore growth in the leather jacket. You can also cover your jacket with newspaper to protect the jacket from the dampness of the air.

Don’t Let The Jackets Get Too Hot

Do not store your leather jackets inside your closet. If you place it with your other clothes, there’s an increased chance that you will suffocate the jacket. So, don’t pack it into an unpacked bag and then place it around among your other clothing. Instead, allow space in your leather jacket, and give it some space in your closet.

Do Not Allow Stains To Be A Problem For The Leather

If, at any time you get a stain on your leather jacket you should try to eliminate it as soon as you can. If you are a frequent wearer of your jacket you are more likely it’ll become stained. If this happens you could apply a cloth to take it off quickly. If the stain is left to settle upon the clothing, it becomes difficult to remove afterward.
If there’s a significant strain on your jacket, mix baking soda and lemon together with water and place it on the stain. Let it sit for a night and then wash it off with the cloth. Don’t clean your leather jacket in the washer.

Check Your Leather Jacket

Don’t put your jacket in the corner of your closet and forget about it. Every six months you should take it out of your closet and keep an eye on the fabric. It is recommended to have them cleaned every two to three months in order to keep their shine.
While leather jackets are tough and last for longer with no maintenance than other clothes It is important to check them at least every six months to ensure that they do not stain.


Even the most durable leather jackets do not adapt well to changing temperatures or humidity. Therefore, it is important to place the jacket in a location in which they aren’t exposed to excessive atmospheric sunshine and moisture. Keep it in a dry and cool area where temperatures are controlled.


A leather jacket isn’t the typical item of clothes. It’s an investment piece that, if properly maintained, can last for several years with the same shine and elegance as the moment you purchased it off the rack. Make sure you take good care of your jacket and follow these guidelines to keep it looking and lasting for a longer time. By following these guidelines, you can help make them last longer than the typical lifespan of a leather jacket.

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