How To Repair Faux Leather Jacket

How To Repair Faux Leather Jacket

Repair Faux Leather Jacket By Leather Paint

Make sure you remove all peelings from the leather before applying leather paint.

Pick the leather paint that suits you best and then apply the paint using a paintbrush. Use horizontal strokes to apply the paint and ensure that the area is covered. Let the paint dry at least 30 minutes after you have finished painting. You can add more coats to prevent it from looking weird after the first one has dried. You can feel if your leather feels dry, which is rare because leather paint is usually shinny and wet.

Once you are done with the painting, apply a high-gloss coat to your leather. You can also apply finishing paint to faux leather all over.

Liquid leather

Liquid leather is great for repairing faux leather jackets. It can also be used to save your item from a tear or rip. You can find this product in any hardware shop or online, but make sure you read the instructions before applying it to any garment.

Make sure that your jacket is clean and free from any dirt or dust before you start. The surface should also be completely dry. Use the applicator provided in the container to apply small amounts of liquid leather directly on any areas that are worn.

Spread the liquid leather on the jacket using a razor or small knife. Continue to smoothen the leather with the blade. Allow drying in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.

Permanent Marker or Shoe Polish

To remove flaking faux leather, use sandpaper. Use circular motions and some pressure to move your hand. Next, grab a marker pen that matches the color of your jacket. It’s possible to make your jacket black, but it’s not impossible. You will see some discoloration and faded effects from the peeling so make sure to trace that area accurately.

Although it may seem strange, you can also apply shoe polish. A rag can be used to polish your shoes. Make sure the rag is clean before you wrap it around your jacket.

Soft Filler

Don’t remove any loose leather. Use a knife to apply the soft filler to the area. Use a small amount to cover the area.

The faux leather will have a vinyl-like texture when the filler is applied. Allow the filler to dry for 20 minutes before you remove it. Apply the filler once more and ensure that it doesn’t touch the jacket’s healthy areas.

You can add texture to your plastic wrap by wrapping it around your hand first, then pressing the wrap onto the filler. You can match your jacket’s pattern if you wish.

You can use a damp sponge to dip a portion in leather paint to create a thin layer of leather paint and then apply it to the area to be repaired with smooth strokes.

Nail Polish

Any clear nail polish can be purchased and applied to the damaged area. Make sure you remove all faux leather and unwanted items before you apply any nail polish.

Although nail polish can be used, it will not stop faux leather from flaking and peeling. This will cause the side you are peeling to be asymmetrical. You can make this by peeling the leather and marking it with a marker.

Leather Patches

For restoring garments, leather and synthetic leather patches can be very helpful. To make your jacket look almost new again, you just need to find patches that match the color of your jacket and glue them together. You can also use a different color patch if you prefer contrasting patches.

Make sure that the leatherette is clean before you apply patches to your jacket. Use a soft, clean cloth and wash it with dish soap. Next, use a damp cloth to wipe the surface. Dry the cloth with a non-fluffy cloth. You should look for adhesive patches in a matching color to your leatherette jacket. Patches should be applied carefully to cover cracks and peels.

Get A New Long Lasting & Elegant Faux Leather Jacket

It all depends on you. If it is your favorite leather jacket, then it should be fixed. It is best to either donate it or lose it.

If you notice some minor damage to your jacket, it is better to dispose of it than to buy something new.

Faux Shearling Coat

With Body Lining Faux fur 100% polyester Stuff having Zippered front with buckled, stand-up collar and Adjustable zip trimmed cuff.

Stylish Two slip hand pockets, two zippered chest pockets Faux fur lined with two slip pockets on both sides.


Pebble Faux-Leather Jacket

With 100% nylon, Body & Sleeves Fill 90% down, 10% waterfowl feathers, 100% polyester Hood & Collar Fill. 

Full-zip placket with stand collar; zip-off adjustable drawstring hood and Two zippered hand pockets.


Hooded Scuba Faux-Leather Jacket

100% rayon Shell Backing, 100% polyester Filling and 54% cotton, 46% polyester Hood with Full-zip placket; detachable drawstring hood and Zippered cuffs.

Two zippered hand pockets with two snap chest pockets, Snap detail at the lower back Banded cuffs, and hem Quilt texture on sides.


INC ONYX Men’s Leather Aviator Jacket with Faux Fur Collar

Full-zip closure Spread collar, Two zip hand pockets,s and One zip pocket at left sleeve.

Removable quilted lining and removable faux fur collar Created for Macy’s.



INC Men’s Jones Two-Tone Faux-Leather Jacket

Full-zip closure Two-tone fake leather polyester stuff with Two lower-front pockets, one welt chest pocket with exposed-zip closure and one interior pocket.


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