How To Wear A Bomber Jacket?

How To Wear A Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket was introduced in 1917 with the sole function of protecting fighter pilots from the cold. As they were manufactured for the military, they had to provide flexibility to be moved easily.

Over time it evolved to give life to the style that is known today. All this happened in the 50s when other military forces used the garment and demanded better comfort. Alpha Industries, who was the leading producer, saw it as an opportunity and produced them massively.

By the 60s, Hollywood adapted this garment as his own, integrating it into the clothing of great films, such as “Rebel Without a Cause and the” The Great Escape. It was not until the seventies that the birth of skinheads was seen that bomber jackets began to be used by everyone.

The big magazines did not leave it behind, and various singers began to use it. This garment has become the favorite of many for its usefulness and the great variety of them.

Wearing A Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets have become among the favorite garments of many when it comes to dressing. This to such a level that it has become a staple in the wardrobe, whether it be a man or a woman.

There is so much variety in different fabrics and patterns that allow you to wear a bomber jacket in any outfit. You can get a lot out of them. You need to know what to combine it with to get the look you are looking for. That is why in a post, we will give you the guidance you may need for this.

Wearing A Bomber Jacket For Women


The bomber jacket has been causing a sensation in the women’s wardrobe. This unisex garment has been adapted to be worn on all occasions. There are so many models that there are a million options you have to choose from.

Versatility is one of our favorite words when describing it. You can create infinite combinations from this garment and mix it with skirts, dresses, pants, shorts. We will explain how to use a women’s bomber jacket.


Solid bomber jacket

When a garment is plain and unicolor, the margin of error is minimal. This gives rise to create perfect looks. But be careful because you can get boring. So you are allowed to stay in your comfort zone but don’t overdo it.

You can get a fantastic look by wearing high-waisted shorts and a floral or patterned top to spice up the outfit. This is perfect for that time of year when it is boiling, and you want to go cool. You can choose for your bomber jacket to be made of not very thick and light fabric always to carry it.

Solid color bomber jackets allow you to have a basic. You can go for safe shades like black, white, and gray. These will let you put together many outfits, and being neutral, and it will be easier to make combinations.

Never forget to add some texture or color to make your outfit more interesting.

Bomber Jacket With Dresses

Dresses are also an excellent option for wearing bomber jackets. Look for a more casual style with one that is long made of cotton and sports shoes. You can choose to buy women’s shoes that match your jacket or play it safe and select white ones.

If, on the other hand, you want to look a little more feminine, you can wear a short floral dress with heels and a bomber jacket to complete the outfit. Look for the latter to be neutral or contrast with the colors of your dress. 

Jacket With Jeans

High-waisted jeans are very much in trend. You sure have some in your closet. You can make a good look with them if you combine a basic shirt that can be white or have a phrase not very loaded and your bomber. This style will make you look fashionable.

Another slightly more daring combination is to go for metallic bomber jackets. If you like these types of fabrics or add some shine to your clothes, you are going to love this. You can wear them with your favorite jeans and a not too heavy blouse.

Let the bomber be the protagonist. This outfit can be perfect for going out at night if you go to an open meeting.

Sporty style accessory

No one says you can’t look fabulous when you wear sportswear. The bombers allow you to add that extra to your outfit that will make it level up. You can quickly wear sneakers and sweatpants.

To this, you can add a crop top that is so fashionable and your bomber jacket. With this style, you can walk all day comfortably, relaxed but above all fashionable.

Wearing A Bomber Jacket For Men


Just as there are bomber jackets for women, there are also them for men. This garment can get you out of a lot of trouble if you want to go with a style that is simple but looks good and not boring at all.

You only need to look a little in the closet to know how to combine men’s bomber jackets. This garment is sporty and even casual. So to be fashionable, you must have one.

Black bomber jacket

Of all the bomber jackets that a man must have, an essential one is the classic black one. There are so many styles that can create with it. And because it is a dark color, combining it is effortless. This works perfectly for those men who have a hard time imagining what the look will look like or prefer not to take risks with bold prints or colors.

A classic outfit is a white shirt without a print, khaki pants, a black bomber jacket, and sports shoes. As the whole look is relatively neutral, you can play a bit with the color of the footwear and use red, blue, or whichever you like the most.

If it’s winter and you have to go a bit more formal, you can wear black pants, a button-down shirt, your bomber jacket, and a scarf. If you want to add an extra touch to the look, wear sunglasses, and that’s it.

With sweatshirt

If you want to look great with a bomber jacket, a hoodie is a solution. This look helps you go out with friends in the winter or those nights when it is freezing.

All you need is to wear your sweatshirt and put your bomber jacket over it. You can combine it with jeans or pants and sports shoes. You decide, but with both, it can look great.

T-shirts and polos

tshirt and polo jackets-min

T-shirts and polos are perfect for bomber jackets. As they are casual garments, they go very well together. You can create different combinations.

One that we like is the camouflage bomber jacket. This print will make you look very urban. You only need to mix it with a shirt of the same tones or white to create more contrast.

We suggest you look for one that is unicolor or smooth so that the bomber is the protagonist. Add a pair of trainers and dark jeans, and you’re ready to go anywhere.

You can also create a much more casual look if you decide to wear it with a polo shirt. You can mix it with khaki pants, white sneakers, and the bomber of your choice.

A neutral zone for formal and informal

The bomber jacket works perfectly for those days when you want to look casual but not like going out with friends. You can get this look by wearing a button-down shirt, casual pants, and oxfords. The latter gives the final touch to the outfit.

Things You Should Not Do With A Bomber Jacket

With bomber jackets, you can hardly make mistakes since they are a garment that looks good almost always. However, there are three things you should never do.

  1. The first is to use it with suits or gala dresses. As much as you like, this doesn’t look good. This garment is very versatile, but it does not work for these cases. You can combine it and find a style that is more arranged but not a formal one.
  2. The second thing you shouldn’t do is buy a size too small. By design, the jacket is short, but that does not mean that it should be below the navel. Make sure you get the right one so that it fits you perfectly.
  3. And the third is that you should not buy too large. These do not fit the body, but their correct measurement is on the waist.

This was our guide to wearing a bomber jacket. It’s time to take advantage of this versatile garment that allows you to create many styles that will make you look great on every occasion. Tell us, which of the uses do you like the most?