How To Identify Whether A Leather Jacket Is Genuine & Real?

How To Identify Real Leather Jacket - 7 Ways To Do It - Monal Jackets

It can be hard to identify whether a leather jacket is genuine & Real when shopping for a leather jacket. How can you tell if a leather jacket has been authenticated? Here are some things to look out for. To determine if the leather is real or fake, look at these essential tips.

Take A Look At The Leather

First, you need to look at the leather. Because leather is natural, it can have slight variations in color and texture. These variations can come from different parts of the hide, animal, or how it was tanned.

You may be using synthetic leather instead of genuine leather if you notice any color or texture inconsistencies, such as lighter spots in a dark leather. Natural defects such as scars and blemishes are indicative of genuine leather, but synthetic materials should also be checked. You should also look for different thicknesses when you are looking at suede.

Some suede jackets may have thicker patches due to the thicker cowhide sections, but faux suede is made from thinner pieces that are glued together over each other. If your jacket has one continuous layer across its entire surface (as opposed patchwork), it is likely to be genuine suede.

The Jacket Is A Pleasant Scent

To determine if the jacket is genuine and authentic leather, smell it. Scenting a leather jacket can tell you if it is genuine. If leather smells strong and distinct, it is likely that the jacket is real leather. Leather jackets are made of animal skin so it is not surprising that they have a distinctive odor.

It is important to know that leather jackets can be made from two types of animal skin: goat (goatskin), and cow (cowhide). Although goat leather is lighter than cowhide due to its durability, both materials can withstand wear over the years.

Feel The Leather

A leather jacket that feels thin, light and fragile is probably fake. The genuine leather should feel heavy in your hands due to its thickness. Trust your instincts. If a jacket feels delicate or thin, it’s probably not real leather.

Next, you will need to touch the garment’s surface to determine its smoothness and flexibility. If genuine leather jackets feel soft, you can rub them on any surface. If they are stiff or rough to the touch, they may not be real leather. You can also test if a jacket is genuine cowhide by comparing several jackets to see if one matches yours in color or not. This would indicate that the jacket you are using is not a match for yours.


You Can Tug On It

It may seem difficult to determine if your purchase is authentic if you have never touched a genuine leather jacket. You’ll soon feel the real thing if you practice. You can feel the leather jacket’s surface by running your fingers across it. It won’t have any scratches or rough spots. It will feel smooth and soft to the touch.

A piece of clothing that feels stiff or too hard is an indicator it’s not made from genuine materials. This could be because someone may have made the garment look more authentic to sell more. However, these treatments can wear away over time leaving behind something very different to real leather.

Verify For Scars On The Hides

Scars are a sign of genuine leather. This is a sign that the leather has been well made and quality. You can see the scars and tell the difference between genuine and fake. If your jacket’s scars are too clean, it is probably not genuine leather. If they are too deep, it is also possible that your jacket is not made of genuine leather.

You can tell if your jacket has high-quality hides by looking for imperfections. These are signs that the hide was carefully chosen before being made into your item (in this instance, a jacket).

Take A Look At The Stitching

When inspecting the stitching on a leather jacket, there are a few things to look out for. First, check to make sure the stitching is straight. To ensure uniformity, measure the width of each individual stitch and compare it with those around it.

You should ensure that your garment has no large gaps between the stitches. If there are, it could indicate that someone attempted to conceal an old repair. Take note of how close you are to perfect. This will help you decide if the leather jacket was made with care or if it is a cheap imitation.

Take A Look At The Leather Jacket Brand

You should verify the reputation of any leather jacket brand to ensure it is authentic and genuine. A well-respected brand will have a higher quality product than one that is newer. Reputable companies such as Monal Jackets will be well-known online and offline.

You can see what others are saying about the brand on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Also, you can find out if they have any complaints about their products and services. You can also read customer reviews to see if others have had positive experiences before you make a purchase.

You can also check out reviews written by fashion experts. Experts in this field can give valuable insight into their opinions about specific brands and products, so make sure to keep these kinds of opinions in mind when researching before you buy anything!


It should not take long to identify whether a leather jacket is genuine, real & authentic. You can see multiple photos from different angles if you shop online but you don’t get to touch the jacket. You can order a high quality genuine leather jacket from Monal Jackets. Monal Jackets will only use real & high quality leather because they know that it is a high-quality material that will help them maintain their brand’s reputation. 

You can ask anything in the comment section. I am a fashion blogger working in the industry for more than 7 years and have more experience in this field for your guidance.

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