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Men’s Bomber Jacket

One of the most prominent jackets is the praise bomber jacket, as its design is simple, stylish, and can go for most dresses.

The U.S. Air Force developed the jacket during World War I when pilots were required to have one jacket, thick and heat-insulating to keep the heat in the planes, which had not closed the cockpit.

The jacket was named Flight Jacket, which is sometimes used today but is today best known under the term ‘Bomber Jacket.’

The bomber jacket is today recognized in the fashion industry worldwide. Therefore, it is considered part of high fashion, which is why it is also available in a multitude of designs and colors and with different cuts that appeal to both men and women.

At Monal Jackets, we have a large selection of jackets for the fashion-conscious man – so look around here at the shop, where you will find a model that fits perfectly in your wardrobe.  

They Were Initially Designed In Green Colors.

The original bomber jacket was designed in army green colors and often also had an orange lining. These jackets are also available today, where there has been a focus on sticking to the traditional colors and lines.

Today, however, you can also find them with many other different color palettes, as it has been expanded considerably, which is why today you can also find bomb jackets in everything from red and yellow to black and white.

So, therefore, you can also find a bomber jacket that has just the color you want. There should be no doubt that bomber jackets are jackets with attitude, and therefore they can also give you a powerful look.

The Fashion World Has Adopted The Bomber Jacket.

There should certainly be no doubt that the international fashion scene has chosen to adopt the classic and trendy bomber jackets, which is why it is still a very regular part of the range of many major brands.

However, more and more people have also started working on new interpretations of the popular jacket, so bomber jackets today are available in more looks, but that only makes it more interesting, as the selection is more extensive.

There is a greater chance that you will find out just precisely that bomber jacket that is the most interesting for you. 

One can mention ‘hooded bomber,‘ a winter jacket with a hood of the new styles within bomber jackets. ‘Light bomber,’ which is a nice thin summer jacket. ‘Coat bomber,’ which is a classic bomber jacket, however, with extra length.

There are also bomber jackets with leather details incorporated in the design, where for example, the whole jacket or just sleeves are made of leather.

However, one should not forget that all these new interpretations remain within the framework of the well-known design, which means that the short design with full sleeves and a narrowed hip piece, which characterizes this iconic jacket, acts as a starting point for the new interpretations.

However, the new designs mean that the bomber jacket hits many more people and more styles, contributing to the increasing success.

A Jacket That Goes For Most Things

Do not be limited by the sporty design of the bomber jacket. Although the bomber jacket is a short model and has that ‘puffed-up look that reminds you of the ‘Letterman’ jacket as you know it from various American TV series.

It is typically the slightly unintelligent and girl-happy sports guy who usually wears the jacket with the school’s initials on the back – from which the name ‘letterman’ arises. 

The jacket is sporty in its look but can also easily be used for all sorts of other purposes. Put it on for a couple of pairs of jeans, a white t-shirt, and a few fat sneakers, and you will instantly look cool and trendy.

Use it. The bomber jacket offers many options for cool looks – who would not like to look like Tom Cruise from Top Gun? 

Large Selection Of Classic And Modern Bomber Jackets At Monal Jackets

We love the bomber jacket, which is why you will also find a vast selection of this classic jacket at the shop.

Buy it in a classic black, gray, blue, or the original army green, or be a little ‘ball’ and buy your jacket in a flashy fashion color that will only make your look more stylish.

With the bomber jacket, you will experience a fit that gives your silhouette a slightly ‘buffed’ look since the lower part of the jacket goes in at the hips, often with a ribbed edge. In contrast, the upper part of the jacket, on the other hand, gives you a slightly ‘inflated’ look.

The coat is often with a zipper and two high-seated pockets at an angle, which allows you to go with your hands in your pocket when you feel that your hands are getting a little cold – the bomber jacket gives you an utterly trendy look.