Men’s Leather Coat

Men’s Leather Coat: It is one of the most used jackets and a fashion classic . It is both formal and informal. Its versatility allows you to wear it with any style, day or night. Initially, it was released as a winter garment. Currently there are lighter designs, different styles and a wide range of colors. The gray palette being the most used.

The cut of the coat is at the height of the thigh but years ago they were used up to the ankles. The latter is still available but it is not suitable for all occasions. Similarly, the wool coat is the most common. Men’s Leather Coat However, they are available in various materials such as cashmere or fur.

As for the designs, the simple collar is better if you want a more casual look. We also suggest it if you are short and want to lengthen your figure. The double-breasted should always be used closed and is not recommended for short men. On the other hand, buttonhole lapels are more informal than peak lapels.