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Women's Leather Jacket

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Women's Leather Jacket

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Women’s Cowhide Leather Jacket

The first option is usually a women’s cowhide leather jacket. Although most leather jackets are made of cow leather, the reality is that bovine leather is quite rigid and takes a long time to adapt and be comfortable until you get it to be a little flexible and you manage to move inside your jacket with comfort. Being the cheapest, it is used a lot for leather jackets, although it is actually better for more specialized garments, such as motorcycle suits or leather goods.

Lambskin jackets have extremely soft skin, but at the same time very resistant. Being more elastic than cowhide, it is ideal for jackets since it will not have to adapt to you. With just one time you put on your leather jacket, you will see that, if it is well made, it will be the most comfortable for you. You can wash Lambskin yourself is the leather of choice for most high-end brands.