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Lambskin and genuine leather are dyed in order to preserve them. This is why the most vibrant colors can be achieved on leather clothing. The two types of leather are suitable for reuse in purses and wallets after they have been used for furniture upholstery or clothing.
In order to keep lambskin leather products in pristine condition for as long as possible, we recommend that you protect them rather than allowing them to get dirty and then try to clean them afterward.
Lambskin leather must be protected by this measure. Consider a top-notch product such as ITA Protector or hire a professional to complete it.
Lambskin leather should be kept in an airy, cool, and dry area. The area should also be dark, as direct sunlight can dry out and fade lambskin leather. Cover your leather in a fabric that can breathe, such as cotton. Over time, it will dry out.
Clean the stain using a lambskin leather-specific cleanser if you are unable to remove it by gentle cleaning. Cleanse the leather with a clean, soft cloth and rub it in a circular motion. Sometimes, leather will become darker after cleaning it, but after it has dried, it will become lighter and then lighter. It might not work right away and it might take some time, but a few uses will reveal hard-to-clean marks.
When your lambskin coat becomes dirty, it should be cleaned thoroughly to prevent discoloration or darkening. Grab an untidy, gentle cloth and start wiping. Make sure not to apply water or scrub. This will only cause more stains. A strong solution can remove the toughest stains and dirt from lambskin. Prior to applying them all over the coat, make sure you check them out on the areas that are hidden.