How To Protect Leather Jacket From Sunlight?

How To Protect Leather Jacket From Sunlight | Monaljackets

Leather and sunlight are not friendly. The sun is not good for leather, whether it’s your leather back while riding your motorcycle or your leather sofa in your living room.

This article will discuss how the sun affects leather and how to protect it. What are your options if your leather jacket is damaged by the sun? You can’t buy leather cheaply and leather isn’t easily replaced so make sure you have protection against sun damage in your mind.

How Does The Sun Affect Leather?

When considering how sunlight affects leather, the first thing you should consider is why it happens in the first instance. Because leather is a natural material made from animal skin/hide, it is susceptible to damage by the sun’s intense or continuing rays.

Leather will burn if it is left in the sun for too long, just like us. Although it won’t become as reddened as skin, it will still burn. Like skin, leather is porous and has tiny holes that draw in moisture. Under intense sunlight, leather is dried and becomes stiffer and more porous.

The Effects Of Sun-damaged Leather

How does sunlight dry leather and cause it to stiffen? Dry leather can cause cracks and splits in leather, as well as losing a lot of its charm. When exposed to sunlight, black leather jackets can become sun-bleached. If your leather cracks, it can almost become unusable. You may be able to enjoy the worn look, but it won’t protect you from a serious crash if it is beginning to crumble.

How To Protect Leather?

Your leather jacket may not be as sun-friendly as yours, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be worn! There are many options for leather protectors on the market. 

Keep Your Leather Away From Sunlight

It is best to keep your leather away from sunlight. The sun’s constant high rays over six months can cause the jacket’s color to fade. This is not a good idea if your jacket leather is concerned. It’s hard to imagine anyone wanting to ride their motorcycle in the sun. It’s the best time of day to ride your motorcycle!

Leather Protectors or Leather Wax

Leather Protectors or Leather Wax are like sunblock for your jacket skin. This wax can be applied to your jacket once every two to three months to reduce the damage that the sun’s rays cause.

Pay Attention To The Necessary Parts

It is important to pay attention to which parts of your jacket need the most wax when applying it to them. Your shoulders and small of your back will likely be exposed to the most sun’s rays. The jacket’s front, including the pockets if they have them, will be more exposed.

Keep Your Jacket Out Of Direct Sunlight

Keep your jacket safe if you have to stop riding. Keep your jacket out of direct sunlight when you are at home. You should minimize the protect leather jacket from sunlight exposure in any way you can.

Accepting The Changes

Part of you will have to accept the fact that your protect leather jacket from sunlight jacket may lose some of its color. It will begin to stiffen slightly. This is normal and part of the jacket’s character.

Vintage Look

You will be happier taking the necessary precautions and accepting changes. Old jackets are cool. These jackets have character and a history of leather. There’s a reason why people still love the vintage look.

Leather conditioners

You should accept the slight changes in leather. If your jacket becomes stiff, you have options. There are many leather conditioners on the market, which can be extremely beneficial. The conditioner should be applied in the same manner as the protective wax. The conditioner should be able to add moisture to the jacket, making it supple again.

Re-dye Your Jacket

You can simply re-dye your jacket if it is experiencing sun bleaching or general fade. This is a great way to extend the life of your jacket. It can also allow you to completely reinvent your jacket. Remember that leather dyers don’t have the same durability as original jacket leather. 

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Your leather jacket will last a lifetime if you take care of it properly. You’ll feel like you got your money’s value.


This article should have given you some insight into the reasons protect leather jacket from sunlight is susceptible to sun damage and how to protect it. Your jacket is not friendly with the sun so it is important to minimize contact and maximize protection. There are many great leather protectors available, so make sure to shop around to find the best one for you. Good luck with your leather! Don’t be afraid of wearing your jacket when riding in the sun, that’s exactly what they were made for. You can order high quality genuine leather jackets from Monal Jackets. Leather jackets which are made from genuine leather are durable and can last for a lifetime if you take the right care. 

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