What is a Bomber Jacket Like? All about Bomber Jackets

What is a Bomber Jacket

Do you want to know everything about bomber jackets? Well, stay here because you will know its main characteristics and how to combine them, whether, for women or men, we already anticipate that it is a very versatile type of jacket that can be worn with both casual and sports clothing as well as more elegant pieces.

Bombers can be found in different materials such as nylon or polyester. Still, the original is in leather. How could it be otherwise is a type of jacket that has always been present in our collections in different versions and colors like the classic black, brown, camel, black, military green, blue for both women and men.

What are bomber jackets like?

Also known as windbreaker or hunter jackets, they are garments that have been reinvented with innovative, comfortable, and beautiful designs over the years. Previously they were exclusively for a male audience, but now the fashion market also has various women’s bomber models.

Special Features Of Bomber Jacket

Special Features Of Bomber Jacket

The classic bomber design feature is its elastic at the bottom and around the wrists. They are also characterized by having a zip closure on the front, located in the center and vertically. The most current models follow the traditional pattern, but with more availability of colors and appliqués of design details, including floral prints and a round neckline.

Types Of Bomber Jackets According To Fabric

There are various bomber jackets: some more casual than others, in different colors, sizes, and designs. For this reason, here we will talk about the two most versatile types of fabrics when creating new designs, if not what the large clothing chains say. Leather, for example, brings elegance, while nylon stands out for quickly adapting to the summer season. 

The leather bomber jacket is the warmest version, so it is recommended for autumn and winter, and even for the coldest springs.

Bomber jacket History

They began to be made in the early 1900s but became popular in the 1920s when designs for motorcyclists came out, and in the 1960s, their use was extended to women.

Mostly, Nappa (Brand) is used for its manufacture, a type of leather that can be dyed in any color, in addition to being very fine, smooth, and soft, even though externally a bomber jacket expresses rudeness and rebellion, especially when it comes in black color.

For this reason, previously, they were part of the clothing of motorcyclists and Hollywood stars, mostly when they starred in films like Wild or Rebel Without a Cause.

Also, in the 80 ‘, the black jacket with metal rivets was the favorite garment for movements such as punk and heavy metal.

Currently, they are more current than ever. Celebrities like Nick Jonas always go for this eighties look on red carpets. And the best of all is that there are countless models, all perfect to create that casual and fun style that you want so much.

Nylon or polyester

The bomber can also be found in other types of textiles such as nylon or polyester, so the design and use change considerably compared to the Nappa version.

Fabric bomber jackets are more casual and sporty, and in the market, you can find all kinds of versions of all colors available and be found. However, black and military green are always very present in this type of jacket.

Although the construction material changes, they continue to maintain the original design with elastics at the neck, waist, cuffs, zip fastening, and side pockets.

Bomber Jackets With Variety Of Fabrics

Bomber Jackets With Variety Of Fabrics

You can also find waterproof bomber jackets, which are usually geared towards sports. Baseball jackets are also first cousins ​​of bombers, with the difference of the closure, which in this case is generally with buttons instead of the zipper that characterizes the classic bomber.

There are models for all tastes: colorful and bright fabrics to break with the traditional mold and other more sober ones for the more reserved. Bomber jackets conquered the market: they are comfortable and fabulous to wear at any time of the day.

How To Combine A Leather Bomber Jacket?

The bomber jacket is an infallible piece to put together a casual and carefree look, especially on cold days. However, there is also light models ideal for use in warm seasons. Of course, you are taking into account basic combination rules so that you steal glances at all times.

The jackets do not usually go with too sophisticated clothes, although it also depends on the coat. This garment is ideal for wearing jeans, chinos, shorts, and even the women’s bomber jacket, allowing some skirts and dresses.

Basic Tips

If you want to play it safe, jeans are the clothes that fit the best.

They go very well with basic t-shirts, although they also combine with printed shirts. The floral and geometric are in fashion, but try not to exaggerate or overload the look.

And another wise decision you can make is to wear sports shoes or with a casual air. Currently, they are being used with the famous converse and with leather boots.

A very contemporary look is to wear jackets with worn jeans, a unicolor T-shirt and a converse. Ah! Do not forget that these jackets are perfect for informal occasions, and even more sporty experiences if nylon bombers or other more sporty fabrics.

Monal bomber jackets

At Monal, we have always had this classic model in mind, it never goes out of style, and it is one of the leather garments that should always be present in a men’s leather collection. A leather bomber for men in black or brown is something special, and more so if we give it a special touch, whether with patches, zippers, pockets, etc.

Why Is It Called A Bomber Jacket?

This jacket is a garment that can be fashionable at any time. Although, when the cold looms, it is one of the most requested. Its history and name are related to low temperatures, and since the First World War, the design and factory material have evolved.

Bomber Jacket History Aviators With Bomber Jackets

Since their inception, jackets have been made for practical purposes. Aircraft cockpits were often uncovered, leading to more cold and discomfort for pilots.

For this reason, at the beginning of the 20th century, the first antecedents of jacket models were designed, which were known as “Bomber jackets,” since it was the bombing pilots who used them for the first time. Hence the name: the bomber jacket.

Since the 1960s, its use has spread to men and women who have little to do with the world of aeronautics.

Almost all fashion houses, including ours (Monal jacket), have a bomber jacket in their collection, already in leather, as is our case, as in other less elegant materials.

How To Wash A Bomber Jacket?

How To Wash A Bomber Jacket?

Bomber jackets need special treatment. So before washing it, you have to consider the type of manufacturing fabric, since each of these materials (nylon, leather, wool, etc.) admits a different washing method.

Wash Nylon Bomber Jacket

Nylon and synthetic cotton blend can generally be machine washed.

To do this, use cold water and mild detergent. Finally, skip the spin option and air dry the bomber.

Wash Leather Bomber

If you have a Nappa jacket, you should not put it in the washing machine!

The most recommended treatment is hand washing with care and care.

Wash Leather Bomber Jacket

To do this, take a slightly damp cloth and clean the most superficial dirt that it may have, without rubbing hard.

The inner lining makes the cloth more humid if necessary to remove any stain.

We hope you liked this article and have learned everything about bomber jackets; they are perfect to combine with different looks in any situation. We should all have a bomber jacket (or several) in our closet.


How do you know if a bomber jacket fits?

The leather bomber jacket men are custom-fitted with a zip front for hip-embracing and smooth style that is ideal for a night out. It has a point collar and pockets that can warm up the hands-on cold night. It has shell leather and welt pockets inside with a lining and fill of polyester.

How do you wear a bomber jacket?

Men who wear waistcoats will look more stylish. No man's closet would be finished without a decent-quality coat. The jacket is the most conventional bit of outwear a man can wear. It has a custom-fitted fit, tight lapels, and sits underneath the knees

How warm is a bomber jacket?

The Bomber Jackets is one of the warm jackets in men's fashion right now, and if you're looking for a good jacket this Fall / Winter, you better know how to style one! We have many different ways you can style a bomber jacket. One street style look, one casual, and one monochromatic look.

How to print on a bomber jacket ?

The majority of our personalized promotional jackets are zipped with a zipper, although some models also have a button closure. Thanks to experts present at each stage of the manufacturing process, we ensure the quality of the fabrics (waterproofing, wear, windproof, quilting), printing or embroidery, but also the resistance of these closures. Thus, you obtain a durable communication medium representing you faithfully for the development of your business.

Why do they call it a bomber jacket?

A jacket with an aviator is a style jacket, with a piece of military uniform origin. The rise Similar to the British Irvin model, it is in shearling and has a very wide fur collar, closed by two tightening tabs.