What Size Leather Jacket Should I Get

What Size Leather Jacket Should I Get

Sizing and fit are important for each piece of clothing you purchase. But, I personally consider that the fit to be essential when you purchase the leather jacket. T-shirts are able to shrink and stretch, they can be tied in to hide the length. Shirts and denim sleeves of jackets may be rolled or cuffed in case they’re too long. Denim jackets are able to be tied, cuffed, or hemmed and can be stretched if they’re slightly too small. They can also be put on with a belt in case they are too big. When it comes to leather jackets you need to get the fit to perfection so that the jacket will feel and appear good.

With cowhide, particularly and lambskin being extremely rigid when compared to wool and cotton fabrics and wool fabrics, the equilibrium between appearance and comfort is a slick one. This is the reason why custom-made leather jackets are very sought-after. Being able to define precisely the dimensions of your leather jacket will ensure that it will fit perfectly, making the expense of a good leather jacket much less risky. However, in practice, it isn’t always the situation.

Shoulder To Shoulder Measurement

Generally, the shoulder-to-shoulder measurement is measured from the joint at which the shoulder and arm meet along the back of your upper part to the joint that is corresponding. Certain styles will instruct that you should measure from the shoulder blade towards the neck.

Although jackets that don’t have distinct seams at the shoulder are able to be worn without this measurement, it’s nonetheless essential. It’s not the standard measurement for a jacket but it will assist in making the fitting as precise as is possible.

Measurement Of The Sleeves

To ensure a perfect fit leather jacket sleeve Allow your arm to fall natural (and straight) Then, measure from the point where your shoulder joins the arm towards the thumb joint. Unless the cuff of the sleeve has special snaps, buckles or zippers, etc. 

Any unique customization of an item of clothing usually means it’s not returnable, or refundable. Therefore, for an easy alteration to the cuff, we suggest that you put the jacket on at home to make sure that the fit is perfect before making a decision on whether altering the sleeve length is required.

It’s also a simple measure to determine accurately, so we suggest you change the sleeves locally and avoid any dismay. A professional tailor in your local area will make this adjustment easily.

Measurements Of The Chest

To find a comfy fit leather jacket: You should measure around your chest from the widest point. This usually lies under your arms and across your breastplate. It is recommended to take measurements over a sweater, as the jacket needs to be close to your body and leave space for layering pieces. 

Your chest area is among the primary body parts to be measured for jackets. Straighten your posture, and then stretch your arms to your sides. You can ask your mom or spouse, or the person you consider to be your best friend for the tape to be wrapped around your chest. 

Be sure that the tape measure is able to give you a bit of room (max. 1 inch) to move. Based on the style of the jacket (casual or formal) you may increase the size by an inch (casual is more relaxed). The measurement should be horizontal across the body in the most muscular area of the chest using tape measures.

The Measurement Of Waistline

You will want to take a measurement at your natural waistline which is typically close to the belly button. You can determine the natural waistline by leaning to one side and locating the natural fold.

The waist and chest measurements are essential for a perfect “second skin” fitting. The chest measurement can help us to assess your jacket’s size accurately. Since many jackets made of leather have a tendency to be “fitted” and conform to your body shape, it is can be said that precise measurements will guarantee that you get the jacket that appears and feels as if it’s a part of yours. 

Length Measurement

Length measurement of a jacket is the length total of the jacket’s body. To measure it, begin at the bottom of the neck until you reach the point you would like the jacket to be draped over your back. 

In general, unless you’re purchasing a custom-made Leather Jacket instead of one of our regular sizes, the length of the jacket will be tailored in proportion with the cut, and the fit to the size of your jacket. When the length of your jacket is customized the length will not be returnable.

Latest Fitting Fashion Leather Jackets

Jackets made of leather have always been “cool” for nearly 100 years. What other clothes have endured through the years and also traditional leather jackets? Are you unable to think of any? And neither can I.

The shape has evolved in the past, and with advancements in technology over the past century, the choices today are virtually limitless. Modern fit jackets are thinner cut and sit more closely to your body. 

The type of fit you need is based on your body type and the purpose you’re buying the leather jacket to use it for? Are you looking for something that adds sophistication and style to your outfit or do you want to keep warm during the cold winter months?

Check our Latest Fitting Fashion Leather Jackets

  • Armani Exchange Eco-leather Jacket With Detachable Hood In Black

Armani Exchange eco leather jacket with detachable hood in black

If you want to look good in leather, you’re getting hotter. You’re just a click away from making this cycle jacket yours. It’s made with antiqued leather that has a slightly distressed look and raised, faded seams to reflect a laid-back style. All our Black Rivet brand jackets have an ageless attitude and a slim, modern fit.


  • Conroy Leather Biker Jacket

The Conroy Biker Jacket is a classic leather outerwear piece, inspired by vintage motorcycle jackets. Featuring traditional detailing and an attitude with Slightly cropped, Zip sleeves, Asymmetric zip, Zip pockets, and Quilted shoulder panels.


  • Classic Scuba Leather Jacket

Exude exceptional taste in this simple-yet-stylish genuine leather scuba jacket, which features premium material and a classic cut that’s always on-trend. Genuine leather with 100% polyester Lining, Full-zip placket with snap-tab collar, Zippered sleeve cuffs, Slip-in hand pockets, and Fully lined interior.


  • Thomas Leather Hooded Jacket

A rugged classic, this genuine leather jacket from Monal Vintage features a removable hooded bib for extra protection against the cold. All our Monal Vintage brand jackets have an ageless attitude and a slim, modern fit. Runs one size smaller than normal.


  • Cleo Rider Jacket

Online Only – This edgy heavy-duty 1.0 thickness leather motorcycle jacket brings biker inspiration to your look. Premium buffalo leather is accented with plenty of hardware and all the features you need for the ride. The piece looks great on or off the bike. Jeans and a long tee are your best bets for underneath. All our Milwaukee brand jackets are timeless basics with a comfortable fit.


  • Ashton Faux-Leather Moto Jacket

Rock a retro biker look, on or off the road, with this jacket and detachable storm collar by Monal Leather. Gives you 2-in-1 versatility, allowing you to wear a hood when you want. Throw on with your favorite jeans and some sneakers. All our Monal jackets are timeless basics with a comfortable fit.


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