Wilson Leather Jacket Review | Is It Worth Buying

Wilsons Leather Jacket Review

What Is Wilson’s Leather?

In 1999 Wilsons Leather was created initially under the name Berman’s Leather , by three brothers. The three brothers were avid consumers of leather and wanted to design products that were of high-quality and last to the years of use.

Made by the natural pure leather, every item produced was authentic, needed to be made by hand and be available in the wide fashion variety without sacrificing the natural characteristics that distinguish leather.

In the meantime, almost 90 years after that, in 1988 an intrepid group of westerners fell deeply in love with leather and the company expanded into the Wilsons Leather we know today.

AM Retail Group is now the company’s owner and is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Wilsons Leather continues to create amazing designs and provide great value, while retaining its commitment to authentic high-quality leather products.

With the goal of style, quality, authenticity, coolness and a sense of fashion Wilsons Leather’s mission is to make leather products that look great but also give you the feeling of being yourself.

One of the primary distinctions that distinguishes Wilsons Leather and other companies is the fact that their objective of offering affordable prices has never changed. They have instead been striving to produce high-quality leather products for a less expensive cost. This is their goal today.

About Wilsons Leather

Wilsons Leather is a leather products manufacturer that is renowned for its highest quality, craftsmanship and trendy designs. Wilsons Leather creates its own leather goods but also has other lines of leather products, offering an extensive selection of products that will please customers.

It is true that the Wilsons Leather brand is associated with leather products. Their existence for more than 120 years, it’s the way it is because they have proven their worth in the world of leather.

They have a large number of followers, with 74k on Facebook and 17k on Instagram, which shows the popularity of their brand.

Overview of Wilsons Leather

Three brothers in 1899 from Minneapolis established Burman Brothers Furs, Wools, and Hides. In the following 90 years, People in California visited the company and offered to purchase the business. After the agreement, the business was changed to Wilsons Leather. The brand shares the same enthusiasm for leather as it did more than a century ago, but with a modern and trendy California-cool style.

Wilsons Leather differs from other leather stores because they’re proud to provide affordable prices that won’t be a burden on your budget. In addition, they build every piece with key characteristics in mind: quality, style, and trendy design, and most importantly, real leather.

Wilsons Leather uses the attributes as a standard to build their items. They also reflect the way they want their customers to feel. Customers will also feel good by choosing Wilsons Leather since they carry wool and cotton as well as faux leather options for the conscious consumer.

Pros And Cons Of A Wilson’s Leather Jacket

The primary benefit of Wilson’s Jacket is the price. The main benefit of this Wilsons Jacket is the cost. If you’re in the market for a leather jacket , but do not want to invest an enormous amount of dollars, this business is certainly worth a look. Their reasonable prices enable them to provide sophisticated and fashionable people.

The most important question to ask however is of good quality. Overall quality is good and also they have good reviews but still there are some complaints that say they’re not of good quality.

The main complaint with Wilsons Leather is their customer service. Many customers are having issues with exchanges, returns and general refunds. Customer service can create or break a company and in this case, the issues have been reported as commonly.

Another big con of Wilsons Leather is they do not have custom-made jackets available for sale, however other companies, like Monal Jackets, offer custom made jackets The one that’s just perfect for you in every way. But you can’t find it anymore. Monal Jackets can help you offer custom made jackets. They can make it for you!. They design custom jackets that truly reflect your personality in every aspect, and reflect your style and personality.

  • Much more affordable than other brands of premium leather
  • Many leather bags, leather jackets, and accessories
  • Leather options are available in faux and real leather
  • Pay installments on some of the select range of products
  • Shipping is free on all orders that exceed $50
  • Customers have to endure long waits for refunds and poor customer service
  • According to top review websites, customers are experiencing issues with refunds and returns. It also has a rating of 2 stars , which suggests that the company isn’t doing well
  • Certain sizes aren’t available, which is very frustrating for the customers
  • There are no custom-made jackets, but they are available on other companies, like Monal Jackets
  • The company only provides Free Shipping to U.S citizens for orders of $75 or more. International customers must be charged an additional fee for shipping

Is Wilsons Leather Good In Value?

Wilson’s Leather Jackets are reasonably priced, and in many instances, considerably less than other brands. A few of the jackets in their store online are quite cheap, and when you look at the page for the product, you’ll see that they’re typically marked down.

Products Variety Of Wilson’s Leather

Wilsons Leather sells different styles of leather jackets, as well as accessories for females and males. They have a range of custom, handmade and distinctive styles of season-specific products including handbags, jackets, belts, briefcases, gloves and other items for travel.

Wilsons Leather Outlets

Since 2004, the firm has shut down a number of stores in poor performing states. Then, in 2007 they shut down even more. Presently, they operate 167 stores nationwide.

Does Wilsons Leather Use Real Leather?

Their jackets are constructed out of genuine leather, they’re expensive because of their popularity. There are also faux leather jackets that offer the same appearance, style and features for a lesser price.

Is Wilson Leather Affordable?

Wilsons Leather product pricing depends on the stuff, style design, quality, and value. If you go through all of the products there are price variations for each item with similar value and the actual price.


It is crucial for you , the buyer, to research and pick your jacket carefully. The end result is that it’s your choice of jacket. As I’ve said before, an outfit made of leather can transform your perspective. Fashion is an incredibly powerful thing and leather jackets aren’t only clothing or outerwear designed to keep you warm. It’s an extension of yourself and your persona and a way to make an expression of your personality. It can alter your life for the better and show confidence and who you would like to appear to the outside world. When you buy a Wilsons Leather or Monal Jacket You must ensure that it’s the most perfect version of yourself in the jacket.

If you’re planning to buy a great leather jacket, check out Monal Jackets. Monal Jackets holds flash sales, as well as other promotions on a regular basis. If you’re considering purchasing a leather jacket or other item take this into consideration. With a variety of styles in demand like Motorcycle Bomber, Shearling, Biker, Asymmetrical, Racer, Rory, Romano. The brand keeps abreast of trends and offers an up-to-date selection of premium and well-crafted pieces.

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